Resident PGA Golf Pro

I’m John Craw, PGA golf pro at The Cabin. I have experience guiding and training golfers with the coaching tips from the Professional Golfers Association as well as the tips and tricks I’ve developed from giving lessons over the past 30 years. Together we will achieve your maximum level of performance and get your golf game to an all new level.

I am so excited to be the certified PGA teaching pro at The Cabin. For the first time in Nebraska, you and I both have access to the most sophisticated virtual golf system in the world! Golfzon and Puttview are state-of-the-art technologies. In all my years of working in the golf industry, I’ve never seen anything remotely close to the real world experience as these systems. These products are absolutely the finest available! Together, we can use the Golfzon systems Driving Range, short game range and even play over 250 different golf courses with the benefit of professional instruction. The PuttView system we’ll use on the putting green gives several excellent putting drills. It also gives an excellent understanding of how a green breaks and how the ball will react to those breaks.

I will help you develop improved form, performance techniques, concentration skills, and more. I’ll also leave you with practice drills to use on your own while either at The Cabin or before a round on the driving range at your favorite golf course.

I bring a personal love for the game, as well as the expertise and ability to help others achieve success.

Now, I’m very excited to offer our lessons for Ladies who are new to golf or that want to improve their game with our new Women’s Golf League!


Your membership at The Cabin includes 3 one hour sessions with me!

Schedule a lesson with me by email at: crawdad1948@gmail.com or just call me at 402-570-4667

Looking forward to putting confidence in your stoke and a smile on your face.

2007 Golf Professional Of The Year- Nebraska PGA
2001 PGA Professional Award- Nebraska PGA