Only a few memberships left at this immersive virtual golf club!   You will want to be a member here!

Golf in Style

We didn’t miss any of the finer touches surrounding our Golfzon simulator. Large, comfortable, high quality chairs, bluetooth speakers, HDTV, Olhausen Billiard table, complete bar, liquor lockers, equipment lockers and even premium flooring. Your surroundings are almost as important as the equipment you play. We surrounded ourselves with the best, not just the best golf simulator in Lincoln.

Impress your clients with your private club or be the envy of all your golf friends. You will want to be a member of this club!

Reason to Be a Member

Reason to Be a Member

  • Golf 365 days a year with 24-hour access
  • Access to a large putting green with PuttView system
  • Best golf simulator in the Lincoln area
  • Build business relationships
  • Improve your golf skills
  • Play courses from around the world
  • Track your performance with your online profile
  • No food and beverage minimums
  • Bring up to 3 guests FREE per session
  • Limited membership — plenty of time to play!
Benefits of a Private Facility

Benefits of a Private Facility

  • Uniquely themed environment
  • Comfortable high-end furnishings
  • Climate controlled, you set the thermostat!
  • Casual member lounge with pool & bar (BYOB)
  • Private liquor lockers
  • Personal golf club storage
  • Big Screen TV
  • No loud bar environment

It doesn’t get better than this

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Golfzon can help you take your game to the next level. With this cutting edge technology, you will improve your game quickly and efficiently.

With its realistic graphics and accurate ball flight data, the simulator provides instant feedback on every shot so users can make necessary adjustments to their swing. Plan and execute your shots more accurately and keep records of your progress.

GolfZon Simulator

Nothin’ but the best! GolfZon simulator is Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for the last consecutive 5 years. You will never outgrow this simulator with over 250 world-class courses and 8 play modes. This simulator has the features for top end golfers and pros and features built in just for fun.
Easy to use

Easy to Use

While this offers state-of-the-art…everything…it is refreshingly simple to use. You don’t have to be a techie to enjoy this simulator!

Moving Plates

Moving floor twists and turns to emulate your exact lie. Our 4 inch thick hitting mats simulate actual fairway, rough, and sand. No thin rubber mats here! A real course feel for real training.
Record progress

Record progress

Your swing records are synced with your online profile. Your account will keep track of your scorecard, swing replay, &
much more.
Driving Mode

Driving Range

You have a full bag of clubs and our simulator has a driving range for each of them. That’s right, a specific driving range for each and every club!


4 Ultra-high-speed sensors & cameras that actually read the dimples on the golf ball allowing our simulator to determine impact, spin and trajectory with higher accuracy than any other sim.
Auto Tee

Auto Tee

No more chasing balls or hitting low quality balls that are hard as a rock! We stocked our simulator with 450, premium Vice golf balls and the auto tee system brings you a new ball after every shot.
Sound Effects

Sound Effects

The HD images and the natural sound effects make this an immersive experience. You will play with friends around the world or play a league with people states away.
Club Fitting

Club Analyzing

The system will analyze all of your clubs and memorize them for your game. When on the course, the system will consider wind, slope and distance then recommend the most accurate club selection for your next shot.

PuttView Putting Green

Practice your short game indoors and see amazing results in your outdoor play. This system is used by top universities and pros alike. Our putting green is one of the largest in the state! This dimensional green offers countless configurations to practice the perfect putt. PuttView technology provides a 3D mapping of the green with a projected topographic overlay. You can see the putt and how it is going to break before you swing. Practice and learn to correct your putt with the improvement tracking and individual account profiles. We are the only place in the Lincoln area with this type of golf simulator!

The PuttView technology provides guided drills, putt tracking, and fun putting games. You can move the ball anywhere on our 800 sq ft green and the software calculates the visuals for the new position in real-time. The flexibility is astounding! You will never outgrow this green and you will never get bored.

Keep connected

Love your new private club membership and the improvements to your golf game? Share the news! This simulator is socially connected. Brag away!

Over 250 courses to play!

Members Lounge

Come early or stay after you play and enjoy the member lounge. The open concept allows you to watch the chipping area and sand trap with a great view of the putting green. You can watch sports on the big screens, or play a game of pool. Worked up a thirst? We have a self serve bar for you and your guests. There is ice and soda on tap. Bring your favorite beverages beyond to enjoy. We have a cooling bay for cold drinks and private liquor cabinets for members to keep their favorite spirits on hand for every visit.

Our member lounge gives you a private country club feel without food and beverage minimums. Save the money and enjoy the exclusivity of your own private club. For more pictures and ammenitites click here.